Top 5 Best ceiling Fans in India 2017 | Check Price In India

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Even if you have Air conditioner or air cooler in your home, you always need a good ceiling fan, as ceiling fan satisfy your need in all session (not only in summer) also it is low cost and long life solution for your heat problem. In summer, there are many areas in India where you must need to have a good ceiling fan which gives you sound sleep as the temperature is bound to cross 40 degree surely. Below are some of the top ceiling fans in India which are from popular brands.

Top 5 Best ceiling Fans in India 2017

In India, brands like Crompton, havells, orient, usha, bajaj fans, luminous are quite popular. They have good service, low price and good performance as well. We have considered many points and then shortlisted below 5 best ceiling fans for you, take a look.
  1. Orient Aeroquiet 1200 mm Ceiling Fan
  2. Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan
  3. Usha New Trump 1200mm Ceiling Fan
  4. Crompton Hill Briz 1200mm Ceiling Fan
  5. Bajaj New Bahar 1200mm Ceiling Fan
These are the top 5 ceiling fans which are quite popular in India, almost all the fans have priced below Rs.1500. now check out the reviews of these fans and features – price in India as well.
Best ceiling Fans in India

#1 Orient Aeroquiet 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

Orient is one of the popular brand India which is being promoted by MS Dhoni itself. It has quite new style, aerodynamic profile blades, has 18 pole of strong motor with long durability. The rust does not stay on the blades for long time, 100 percent rust free blades.

This ceiling fan has 230 CFM of airflow and 1200 blade sweep speed. Orient has given 2 years of warranty on this ceiling fan, with 62 watts of power. It has bit costly price but has very good performance, can be used for long time.

#2 Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Havells is 2nd most popular brand in budgeted fans. They have very vast range of fans which you can buy it online. We have included havells leganza due to its super awesome performance and stylish design. And guess what, it has under Rs.2799 price in india.

This havells fan has 230 cmm of air delivery, 4 blades and 2 years of warranty as well. Available in gold and bronze color, if you have fan requirement for large room, you can go with this fan, it surely gives you good air.

#3 Usha New Trump 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Usha brand was there when no one owned this fan market. They are constantly having good quality of fans This Usha Trump range has quite low price, high watts of motor and good warranty as well.

This fan has good RPM speed with unique blade angle, Electroplated unique design and 78 watts of powerful motor. Usha has given 1 year of warranty on this fan, and priced under Rs.1599. 

#4 Crompton Hill Briz 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Crompton is most popular brand in india with simple design but long durable fans range. This fan has 320 RPM of speed, has 1200mm of sweep speed and good performance. if you are looking for low budget solution for you bedroom fan, this can be good option.

This fan has 77 watts of double bearing motor which has 1 year of warranty from Usha. Low cost solution for your home, with quality product. This fan is available in brown, white, ivory color as well.

#5 Bajaj New Bahar 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Bajaj has the most low priced fans in India. This Bajaj Bahar series is priced nearly Rs.1200 only. This fan has 380 RPM of motor speed, 190 CMM of air delivery and 80 watts of most powerful motor. For consistent quality, they have included automatic winding. 

It has high speed, ribbed blades, quick re-start motor, and double ball bearing and everything. Bajaj has given 2 years of warranty on this fan.

Final Words: - These are the best ceiling fans in India, with high quality performance, low price and great features. Take a look and go for the ceiling fan which suits your budget the most. Every fan has their own importance. You can also check Crompton fans special reviews here. For more ceiling fans review, keep visiting us.

Top 3 Best Crompton Greaves Fans [Review]

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If you are looking for best Crompton Greaves Fans than you can find the best Crompton Greaves Fans here. These ceiling fans can give you best cooling in comparison to other fans which are not good for price. Crompton has good brand value as they give best of value money.

Top 3 Best Crompton Greaves Fans [Review]

You can find many ceiling fans but not good as Crompton. Crompton fans are good as they provide good cooling with less power consumption. Here we are providing review of top 3 best Crompton Greaves Fans which are best among all.

1. Crompton Greaves HS Plus 48-inch 53-Watt Power Saver Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan will give you best value of money. With 5 star rating of BEE, this ceiling fan can save most of power. Less light bill will make you enjoy more. Its blades are designed so well that it gives you double reliability and higher air.

This fan uses 48 inch of 3 blades with consuming 53 watts (while its operating voltage is 220-240 volts. Crompton Greaves HS Plus provides 320 RPM of speed in cooling. Normally, there are many ceiling fans available in market which costs more and consumes more voltages, compared to a 75W 3 blade fan or an 85W 4 blade fan (which consume more electricity) Crompton Greaves HS Plus consumes less light and give more air.

By which you can save almost Rs.30-40 per month on your electricity bill. Also, Crompton Greaves HS Plus give you less noise and more air as it is only 3 blade fan while 4 blade fans will noise more.

Design point of view, you will not disappointed for sure. Check out the below image, where this 3 blade fan looks amazing on ceiling. You can order in black, ivory or brown color too.

If you want smooth running and cool air, go for Crompton Greaves HS Plus, as it gives best value of money.

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Specification :-

  • Length :- 48 inch
  • Watt :- 53 watt (operating voltage 220-240)
  • Speed: 320 RPM
  • How many blades? :- 3
  • Sweep :-1200 MM
  • Bearing :- Double Bearing.
  • How many Stars ? :- 5 Stars

FAQs related to Crompton Greaves HS Plus

1.How many colours available?
3 colours (black, brown and ivory white).

2.Does it included with Regulator of speed?
No, you need to buy speed regulator separately.

3. How many days it takes to deliver the product?
Mostly in 7-10 days you will get your product.

4. How many years of warranty is included?
You will get 2 year of warranty (of blade, fan) with package.

Positive Things:-
  • Runs smooth
  • No noise
  • Remain cools after more than 12hours of continuous running
  • Value of money
  • Power Saving
Negative things:-
  • Does not come with Speed Regulator
  • Fewer colors available
  • Poor design

2. Crompton Greaves Aura 48-inch 74-Watt Decorative High Speed Ceiling Fan

Crompton Greaves Aura
Above mentioned fan is not good at design and if you are looking for bit stylish budget ceiling fan in Crompton than you should go with Crompton Greaves Aura which is quite stylish fan with almost same price. Crompton Greaves Aura have 74 watt and 3 blades. Crompton Greaves Aura gives 1200mm of sweep and 360 RPM of speed (which is more than of above fan). As you can see in above image, the Crompton Greaves Aura is quite stylish but consume more power compared to Crompton Greaves HS Plus.

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There is not much difference between Crompton Greaves HS Plus and Crompton greaves aura. The only difference is later one is bit stylish and earlier one is cheaper one.

Crompton Greaves Aura available in Titanium color and ivory color. Below is image of Titanium coloured Crompton Greaves Aura fan.

3. Crompton Greaves Decora Premium 48-inch 70-Watt High Speed Ceiling Fan

Crompton Greaves Decora Premium
This is 3rd best Crompton Greaves Fan which having better design and available in unique color of ginger gold. Crompton Greaves Decora have 448 inch of length and 70 watt of speed with 370 RPM of speed.

These fans have 3 blades and having 1200 mm of sweep. So, if you want high speed, nice design and unique color ceiling fan, you can go with Crompton Greaves Decora.

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These are top 2 Crompton Greaves Fans which are available in market. All the Crompton Greaves fans provide 2 year of warranty (which will be attached with package of ceiling fan). Also, all fans runs on double bearing and 3 blades which provide high speed and higher AIR. And available on range of Rs.2000-2200/-.

All fans are great value of money. Check out each fan and decide which Crompton Greaves Fans you need to buy.